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If you have questions about family law in Ohio, attorney Jason A. Showen at The Law Offices of Jason A. Showen, LLC, has the knowledge and experience to answer them. We provide skilled family law representation to people in Lebanon and throughout Warren and Clinton counties. We also understand the courts in these counties.

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce and other family law topics. Contact us for answers that address your specific legal situation.

How Much Time And Money Will A Divorce Cost Me?

The answer depends upon a number of factors, including the amount of marital property to be divided, whether or not you have minor children and the degree of conflict. Hiring a skilled attorney at the very outset of your divorce can save you significant time and expense in the long run, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

How Is Property Divided In Ohio?

Under Ohio law, property and debt acquired during marriage are subject to equitable division upon divorce. Equitable means fair and just, not necessarily a 50-50 split. Property subject to division includes real estate, bank accounts, 401(k)s and other holdings. Property and wealth acquired prior to marriage are generally considered separate property and are not subject to division.

What Are Grounds For Divorce In Ohio?

There are a number of grounds for divorce in Ohio, including adultery, cruelty and willful absence of more than one year. An experienced divorce lawyer can analyze your situation to help you determine if a fault or no-fault divorce is in your best interests.

How Much Child Or Spousal Support Will I Pay Or Receive?

In Ohio, child support is determined by guidelines that include the number of children and the income of each parent. Spousal support can be temporary or permanent and is based on factors such as the length of the marriage, the earning ability of each spouse, the age and health of each spouse, and the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage. Whether you are seeking or paying either child or spousal support, it is important to have an experienced lawyer protecting your rights.

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