Divorce And Dissolution

Protecting Your Rights In Divorce

Deciding to call it quits on your marriage is never easy. You and your spouse worked hard to build a life together, and now that work is coming to an end. While this is probably for the best, it is also a complicated and emotional time.

The Law Offices of Jason A. Showen, LLC, will help you through the process. Attorney Showen will take the time to get a thorough understanding of your circumstances and help you decide which process best fits your needs. With law offices in Lebanon, the firm handles divorce and other family law matters for residents of Warren and Clinton counties. We have been doing that for close to a quarter of a decade.

The Difference Between Dissolution And Divorce

There are two main processes for ending a divorce. Which option you choose depends on the relationship and understanding you and your spouse have with one another.

  1. Dissolution: This is a process in which both you and your spouse file a joint Petition For Dissolution after completing a written agreement that discloses a resolution on how all issues will be handled. This agreement includes matters involving assets and debts, tax matters, support-related concerns and critical issues pertaining to your parental rights.
  2. Divorce: This is a process in which one of you files a lawsuit against the other. Filing for divorce typically leads to contested litigation in which matters are argued and determined in court. This is usually a costly process and can be lengthy.

No matter which procedure you follow, attorney Showen will be by your side and advise you from start to finish. He will fight for your needs.

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