Contested Adoptions

Addressing Your Adoption Concerns

Having a child is a life-changing experience. Parents have a great responsibility to care for their children and give them the best life possible. If you wish to expand your family through adoption, or you are a birth parent who has a child facing the adoption process, you probably have questions and concerns.

At The Law Offices of Jason A. Showen, LLC, in Lebanon, we understand that this is an emotional time. Attorney Jason A. Showen understands the complex processes that correspond with adoption and will fight for your family.

The Adoption Process

In Ohio, adoptions are typically handled in probate court. These proceedings are very complex and require specific parameters to be in place. The first step is to determine if the consent of birth parents is required for the process to move forward. If prospective adoptive parents can prove that parents have given consent or that consent won’t be necessary, the adoption process will move forward.

Working Through Contested Adoptions

We work with birth parents and adopting parents in Warren and Clinton counties to establish and fight for their fundamental rights and responsibilities. We carefully analyze your case to help you achieve your goals and protect your family. Birth parents can contest an adoption up to six months after the adoption is finalized. The contest begins with the birth parents filing a formal objection in writing.

Adoptive parents can send a prebirth notice to the birth parents notifying them of their intent to adopt. We also help stepparents, grandparents and other family members wishing to step in and adopt a child in need.

Let Us Help You With Your Contested Adoption

Adoption is about balancing and understanding the rights of all parties involved. We represent anyone involved in a contested adoption, including mothers, fathers and potential adoptive parents. Located in Lebanon, we purposely limit our representation to families in Warren and Clinton counties to better serve our community. Call us today at 513-282-6080 to have your questions addressed. We can also be reached through our contact form and will schedule a consultation with you upon its completion.

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