Child & Spousal Support

Helping You Understand Financial Support Options

When families go through points of restructuring and change, financial stability is often a key issue. If you are getting a divorce, you might worry about how the dissolution of your marriage will impact your way of life and the ability to continue to provide for your children.

At The Law Offices of Jason A. Showen, LLC, we understand these concerns and will help you address them through support options. Lebanon divorce attorney Jason A. Showen is prepared to protect your rights and your future in these critical matters.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Both parents have the right and responsibility to care for their children financially. In some cases, this means that one parent will make a child support payment. In Ohio, child support matters that stem from divorce, paternity or other issues are determined based on several factors. These factors include:

  • The income of each parent
  • Any needed day care or health care costs
  • The number of children
  • The local income taxes for each parent
  • Any special needs requirements for the child
  • If either parent will pay spousal support payments
  • The child custody arrangement

The calculation of child support is typically established through the use of a guideline worksheet.

How Does Spousal Support Work?

When couples divorce, one spouse may need financial assistance. This happens when a spouse does not possess the capability to sufficiently support themselves and maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed prior to the dissolution of the marriage. The court can award this financial support to either spouse, so that they can maintain a reasonable standard of living. The court will consider several factors when determining the award, including:

  • Income and potential income of each spouse
  • Earning ability
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Assets and any liabilities
  • Standard of living of each spouse
  • Possible redress to earning capacity
  • Overall mental, physical and emotional health of each spouse
  • The age of both spouses

Spousal support can be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. The duration will depend on your specific circumstances. Whether you are located in Warren County or Clinton County, we understand the court processes and have the capacity to assist you.

Here To Help You Establish Or Modify Support Awards

If you need to establish support or modify a current support order, we can assist you. With over two decades of experience, our lawyer understands how to properly evaluate the parameters courts use to determine both spousal and child support. Located in Lebanon, call our office at 513-282-6080 or complete the contact form to schedule a consultation.