What Is Defamation?

Preserving Your Character

Your reputation and character are important to you. Having your good name threatened can be an emotional experience that affects many other aspects of your life.

At The Law Offices of Jason A. Showen, LLC, in Lebanon, Ohio, we have the litigation experience to fight for your reputation. Attorney Jason A. Showen will take the time to investigate your case and take aggressive action against false claims.

What Is Defamation?

Defamation occurs when another individual makes a false statement about you and, in turn, that statement causes harm. Defamation is also sometimes called libel or slander. There are several ways defamation can take place, especially in our online world. Common ways slander occurs online include:

  • Sending inaccurate statements through emails
  • Writing slanderous material in personal blog posts
  • Composing status updates on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Leaving incorrect information on virtual boards and web postings

Fighting Against Defamatory Remarks

If someone is threatening your character by spreading statements about you, we are here to help. In order to fight against these statements, we must clearly prove that what the individual is saying is false. The second aspect we must prove is that the individual said these things maliciously and intentionally.

One difficult matter to consider is if the statements are presented as facts or opinions. Attorney Jason Showen will work with you to protect your rights and interests. We will launch an investigation into the remarks and create a strategic defense on your behalf. We will show that their false statements subjected you to harm – either by provoking hatred, ridicule or contempt or through business efforts.

Fight Back Today

You don’t have to sit by and let your name be tarnished due to false statements. Our attorney will take swift and prompt action as your advocate. We want to hear your story and understand all the details of your situation. Call our office in Lebanon, Ohio, at 513-282-6080. We can schedule a consultation through our contact form as well. Don’t go through this difficult time alone; let us fight for you.

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