The purpose of nominal spousal support in Ohio divorces

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Divorce

In Ohio, nominal spousal support involves a small, symbolic amount paid periodically. It may come into play during divorce proceedings when one spouse’s future financial needs are uncertain. The court may want to retain jurisdiction over the issue.

Understanding the purpose of nominal spousal support is important in comprehending its role in the aftermath of marital separation.


In Lebanon, the median household income is $75,665. Divorce can cause this amount to decrease considerably.

Nominal spousal support steps into the picture when the court recognizes the inherent ambiguity surrounding the financial needs of one of the divorcing parties. Rather than committing to a substantial, fixed amount, the court opts for a nominal sum, acknowledging the unpredictability that clouds the economic horizon.


The term “nominal” itself carries a weight of symbolism. In the realm of spousal support, it denotes more than just a numerical value. It represents a symbolic acknowledgment of financial interdependence. The small periodic payments, while not aiming to fully cover the recipient’s needs, serve as a tangible recognition of the ongoing connection between the former spouses.


One of the primary purposes behind nominal spousal support lies in the court’s desire to retain jurisdiction over the issue.

By choosing this approach, the court maintains the authority to revisit and reassess the financial dynamics between the divorcing parties in the future. This flexibility allows for adaptability to changing circumstances, ensuring that the support arrangement remains fair and equitable.

Nominal spousal support often reflects a nuanced and careful balancing act. It allows for a measure of financial assistance while acknowledging the inherent uncertainties that divorce can bring.