What apps ease coparenting after divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Divorce

When divorce happens, it formally closes the door to a romantic relationship. Nonetheless, signing paperwork that ends a marriage does not negate children needing parents. Kids still must have caregivers as much as adults crave having little ones stay a part of their lives.

Though parenting rarely comes easy, divorce can inject an extra layer of difficulty. Thankfully, specific apps lend help.


Finances are often a sticking point for spouses; it is an especially tense topic between exes. DComply offers a hand with sharing expenses. Using one program for everything enhances simplicity. Compare this option with handling a million transactions through spreadsheets and text messages. This program even boasts accreditation from legal professionals.


Calendar juggling increases in complexity when any household splits into two. The Cozi app is here to help make life smoother in this department. Once everyone downloads it, scheduling events and tracking appointments becomes a breeze.


When arguments flare up too often, professional intervention may be necessary. Visiting a therapist remains expensive, not to mention time-consuming. This app provides on-demand mediators to help resolve disputes at a fraction of the cost. Thorny matters, such as requests for changes in visitation, become possible without drama. Let coParenter play a role in keeping everything civil.

Parents that fall out of love still care about their children. They maintain their commitment to being superior mothers and fathers. The techie world has responded by offering a host of helpful services. Investigate and decide which offerings are the most beneficial for your circumstances.