Ohio divorce: Wrong decisions can cast long shadows

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A divorce can take on many emotional overtones from an amicable dissolution where both parties agree to peacefully and equitably distribute assets to an acrimonious, contentious divorce which drags on, racking up high financial costs during a prolonged court battle. No one wins in these types of divorces.

Still, there are times when necessity requires the pursuit of both avenues. An Ohio couple and their family can ideally settle differences peacefully and amicably; however, in a high profile divorce, it is important to adhere to the wise principal, “trust but verify.” One or both spouses may attempt to hide valuable assets. A large and complex financial situation, particularly when the marriage has lasted many years, will require expert research to obtain a complete list of property, particularly items that are jointly owned by law. Hiding assets is never a good idea. It nearly always comes back to bite the perpetrator.

High asset divorces and reasonable expectations

When a high asset divorce takes place, the process is generally more complicated than that of a simple divorce. A critical point to understand is that the outcome can depend on selecting an attorney with superior experience in divorce law, including expert discovery and appropriate use of professional expertise such as forensic accountants and even surveillance investigators when a pattern of missing assets appears. A well-chosen attorney will be unafraid to pursue skilled, purposeful litigation to achieve the necessary results.

Resource quality determines best results

There are no do-overs in high asset divorces. This is one time when a client needs to get things right the first time. The successful client needs a realistic idea of the commitment necessary to achieve high-quality results. It is vital to allow the attorney to apply high-quality resources in every avenue of pursuit to protect the client’s interests.

The best-case scenario is to provide attorney resources up front; otherwise, clients can hemorhage assets over a lifetime of regrets when divorce shortcuts were the primary concern. A good attorney will not soft-pedal the true outlay needed to recover significant assets. The attorney will minimize expenses where appropriate and reserve expenditures for those areas that deliver powerful force where the client needs protection and strong advocacy.

How to choose an excellent family law professional

Most clients have heard “You get what you pay for.” Nowhere is the adage more valid than in the pursuit of a successful high-asset divorce in Ohio. Successful attorneys know how to keep costs down, but will also be honest that high asset divorces are not inexpensive. This is one time where value put into the case up front will provide maximum lifetime benefits. Sacrificing best practices on the altar of frugality can mean many years of painful financial regrets.

Any attorney who offers a cheap, high-asset divorce is not a good candidate for a client who wants the best possible representation. A client in a high-asset Ohio divorce deserves the best representation, provided through exceptional case preparation, efficient use of client resources and the strong, aggressive follow-through necessary to win a successful conclusion.